Characteristics of the Unborn Child

28 – 30 Weeks Post-LMP
26 – 28 Weeks Post-Conception

imgBy 29 weeks, pupils of the eyes react to light.

The 30-week fetus weighs about 3¼ pounds and measures about 16 inches.


30 – 32 Weeks Post-LMP
28 – 30 Weeks Post-Conception

By 31 weeks more than 40 million heartbeats may have occurred.
Wrinkles in the skin are disappearing as more and more fat deposits are formed.
By 32 weeks breathing movements occur up to 40 percent of the time.
The 32-week fetus weighs about 4 pounds and measures about 17 inches.


32 – 34 Weeks Post-LMP
30 – 32 Weeks Post-Conception

The 34-week fetus weighs about 5 pounds and measures about 18 inches from head to heel.


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