the Emotional Side of an Abortion

A wide range of emotional responses is normal after an abortion.  A woman having an abortion might experience different emotions before and after the procedure.  Women often have both positive and negative feelings after having an abortion.  Some women might feel relief about their decision and that the procedure is over.  A woman might question whether she made the right decision.  Some women might feel anger at having to make the choice.  Some women might experience sadness, guilt, or depression after the procedure.  Some women say that feelings go away quickly, while others say they last for a length of time.  Others report positive responses to the abortion decision.

The emotional response after an abortion is most directly related to the psychological condition of the woman before the abortion.  Many factors can influence the response to an abortion experience including lack of support from partner or parents, feeling forced to have an abortion, prior beliefs regarding abortion, rape, a desired pregnancy, or feelings of attachment to an embryo or fetus.

Compassionate and knowledgeable counselors can objectively describe and provide you with factual information concerning your options, including the risks and responsibilities that are involved, and provide you with the support you need in making this very important decision. 

Remember, it is your right and the doctor’s responsibility to fully inform you prior to the procedures.  Be encouraged to ask all of your questions.




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