“The goal of informed consent is to assure that the patient’s decision is voluntary and informed.” (National Abortion Federation: 2015 Clinical Policy Guidelines)

If you are pregnant and are considering an abortion, you might be facing a difficult decision.  According to the laws of Oklahoma, it is your right to be fully informed.  This booklet is designed to assist you in your decision-making and information-gathering process.

This booklet seeks to present current and medically reliable information concerning probable anatomical and physiological characteristics of a fetus, methods of commonly used abortion procedures, medical risks commonly associated with each abortion procedure, and risks commonly associated with carrying a child to term.

Oklahoma Law (Title 63 O.S. §1-738.2) states that at least seventy-two (72) hours before the performance of an abortion, the doctor or an agent of the doctor must tell the woman:

  • The name of the physician who will perform the abortion.
  • The medical risks associated with the particular abortion procedure to be employed.
  • The probable gestational age of the fetus or embryo at the time an abortion is to be performed.
  • The medical risks associated with carrying a pregnancy to term.
  • The possible detrimental psychological effects of abortion and of carrying a pregnancy to term.
  • Agencies that provide, at no cost, ultrasound imaging and heart tone monitoring.
  • Medical assistance benefits may be available for prenatal care, childbirth, and neonatal care;
  • That the father is liable to assist in the support of his child, even in instance when the father offers to pay for an abortion.

Oklahoma law (Title 63 O.S.§1-740.2) states that no abortion shall be performed upon any person under eighteen years of age until at least forty-eight (48) hours after written notice of the pending abortion has been delivered to one parent and the attending physician has secured proof of identification and the written informed consent of one parent.

In addition to this booklet, you might wish to review the “Woman’s Right to Know Resource Directory.”   This Resource Directory lists various agencies within the state of Oklahoma that might offer assistance to a pregnant woman who is considering an alternative to abortion.  The services provided by listed agencies include medical assistance, financial assistance, housing assistance, help with basic living expenses, legal assistance, educational benefits, employment opportunities, childbirth classes, parenting classes, personal improvement opportunities, child care resources, child support enforcement agencies, and other services that might assist you through your pregnancy, upon childbirth, and while a child is still dependent.  The Directory also provides the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of listed agencies as well as 24-hour hotline/helpline numbers.  Finally, the Directory contains information about public and private adoption agencies.

This entire booklet and the Resource Directory can be found on the Internet 24 hours a day.  You can read them from a computer or print selected materials.  The publishers of the website have made efforts to insure that the website remains secure and that no one will be able to collect or record any information about you.  The website address is: www.awomansright.org.



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